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Social Menu

Guajajang Chicken Skewer Brined Chicken smothered in a Korean Chili BBQ Sauce 

Beyond Meat Beef Kabob on Sugar Cane and Spicy Maple Glaze drizzle

Wild Mushroom and Bacon Crostini topped with Goat Cheese, Thyme 

Classic Chicken Cordon Blue Slider with shaved Ham, Chicken, topped with Swiss Cheese Sauce

Scallop Shichimi with a Carrot Ginger Emulsion, Wasabi Oil, Micro Basil and a drizzle of Siracha

Pork Belly Tostada House Cured Pork Belly with an Avocado spread, Pickled Red Onion atop a Blue Corn Tortilla 

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Caramelized Onion and Fontina Cheese

Steak Tartar Deviled Eggs served with a Miso Cured Egg Yolk Sauce

Filet Mignon Slider topped with Caramelized Onion and Horseradish Cream Sauce

Mini Caprese Skewers Skewered Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil, and Balsamic Drizzle 

Tuna Tartar Raw Tuna topped with Puffed Rice, Pickled Onions, Sesame Oil, Eel Sauce, topped with Avocado

Teriyaki Beef and Vegetable Skewers Soy Marinated Beef, with Red Peppers, Green Peppers, and Red Onion

Country Ham and Hoop Cheese Grit Hushpuppies 

Deconstructed Bruschetta with Tomato, Cucumber, Pickled Onion, and Basil atop a Parmesan Toast  Crostini with a Balsamic drizzle

Ricotta Crostini topped with your choice of Seasonal Veggie or Seasonal Fruit, Whipped Ricotta and Cayenne Honey

Prosciutto and Egg Toast topped with Radish, Cotija Cheese, and Micro Greens

House Cured Salmon Crostini with Sunomono and Sea Beans topped with a Dill Sprig

Deviled Eggs topped with Dill and Caramelized Onion

Shrimp  Rolls  Shrimp Crème, Fine Herbs, Shallots, and Celery, served in a Mini Bun


Each Dip Serves 20 Guest

Pimento Cheese Dip served with Crostini’s $30

House made French Onion Dip Served with Thick Cut Potato Chips $30

Spinach Dip served with Pita $40

Tzatziki Dip Served with Pita $40

Buffalo Chicken Dip topped with Blue Cheese Crumble, served with Tortilla Chips $50

Warm Crab Dip with a splash of Old Bay, served with Pita Bread $75


Each Platter Serves 20 Guest

Seasonal Vegetable Crudité served with Peppercorn Ranch  $60

Fresh Fruit Display $60

Charcuterie Platter served with Cornichon Pickles, Whole Grain Mustard, Pickled Red Onion, Chef’s Selection of Cured Meats $150

Artisan Cheese Display served with Seasonal Jams, Raisin, Nuts, Chef’s Selection of Aged Cheeses $150

Slow Poached Shrimp Cocktail served with Homemade Cocktail Sauce $180

Tea and Sodas are included with this menu.

Add to the above prices 21% Gratuity and North Carolina State Tax.

Menu and prices are subject to change.

Social Dinner Menu

$35 Per Person 

Choose any four Hors d’ ouerves from the Social Menu to be passed, or plated on a Buffet. You will receive 2 pieces per person. Each additional Hors d’ ouerve is $6 a person.

No limit on additional Hors d’ oeuvres.

Family Style Dinner Menu

$69 Per Person

Choose one salad to be pre set at each place setting along with dinner rolls, butter,  water goblets, cutlery, and dinner plates. 

Choose 2 passed Hors d’ oeuvres from the Social Menu. 

Each additional Hors d’ oeuvre will be $6 a person,  per Hors d’ oeuvre



You have a choice of the same two entree’s per table.  Each entree will be served family style to the table where guests will serve themselves.

Buffet Dinner Menu

$59 Per Person-Choice of 2 Entrees and 2 Sides
$79 Per Person-Choice of 3 Entrees and 3 Sides

Choose one salad to be pre set at each place setting along with dinner rolls, butter, 

water goblets, cutlery, and dinner plates. 

Choose 2 passed Hors d’ oeuvres from the Social Menu for the $59 buffet, and 3 passed Hors d’oeuvres if you have chosen the $79 buffet.

Each additional Hors d’ oeuvre will be $6 a person, per Hors d’ oeuvre



 and Sodas are included with this menu.
Add to the above prices 21% Gratuity and North Carolina State Tax.
Menu and prices are subject to change.


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